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Thycotic launches DevOps Secrets Vault solution for greater cloud security

Thycotic has launched a new ‘just in time’ functionality for cloud platform access security. The DevOps Secrets Vault solution supports dynamic secrets creation for infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platforms Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure (Azure) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), the company states.

Using this solution, organisations can ensure dynamic secrets are automatically generated at the time of request and can be used when a user or resource, such as a configuration tool, needs a credential with an expiry time.

Dynamic secrets also enable fine-grained authorisation through cloud policies. Furthermore, DevOps Secrets Vault integrates with additional tools in the DevOps pipeline, according to Thycotic.

Utilising a cloud-based AWS architecture, DevOps Secrets Vault offers rapid deployment, elastic scalability, and is purpose-built to handle the high-speed secrets management needs of many DevOps environments.

DevOps Secrets Vault now supports secrets access for Chef and Puppet and includes software development kits (SDKs) for Ruby and .NET. DevOps Secrets Vault also integrates with Jenkins, Kubernetes, Terraform and Ansible, and includes SDKs for Java, Go and Python.

In addition, users can authenticate to DevOps Secrets Vault through AWS, Azure, GCP and Thycotic One methods. GCP support includes the ability to authenticate via service and user accounts, Google Compute Engines (GCE) and Google Kubernetes Engines (GKE).

Thycotic One enables single sign-on and two-factor authentication via both TOTP and SMS methods.

According to IDG, almost two-thirds (61%) of companies use platform-as-a-service (PaaS), 89% use software-as-a-service (SaaS), and 73% use IaaS.

The impact of lost or stolen secrets on cloud platforms ranges from temporary disruptions to critical data loss.

Thycotic states that as organisations build software and applications on cloud IaaS platforms, the DevOps tools they use to manage that process include both open-source and commercial software, plug-ins to other tools, and library dependencies.

While this can advance operations, it’s possible to have vulnerabilities or misconfigurations that leak secrets, Thycotic states.

This happens when information isn’t improperly stored in memory or on disk, sent to logging systems, or leaked to other tools or processes.

Thycotic vice president of product management Jai Dargan says, “The exponential growth of hybrid multi-cloud adoption is continuing to stress-test existing security models and conventional approaches to Privileged Access Management.

“We know that organisations will migrate workloads to AWS, Azure and GCP at record speed this year, so CISOs need to do everything they can with the available solutions they have to limit risk associated with secrets proliferation.

“DevOps Secrets Vault is a cloud-based vault that balances the security and velocity that DevOps teams require for this growing part of the enterprise attack surface.

"With dynamic secrets, we have added a just-in-time approach to secrets management that further reduces the risk of compromised credentials.”

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