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IBM announces z15 with new data privacy capabilities

14 Oct 2019

IBM recently announced the IBM z15, a new enterprise platform delivering the ability to manage the privacy of customer data across hybrid multicloud environments.

With z15, clients can manage who gets access to data via policy-based controls, with a capability to revoke access to data across the hybrid cloud.

The movement of data between partners and third parties is often the root cause of data breaches.

In fact, 60% of businesses reported they suffered a data breach caused by a vendor or third party in 2018.

With the growing adoption of hybrid multicloud environments, the challenge of maintaining data security and privacy only grows more acute and challenging.

The IBM z15 system culminates four years of development with over 3,000 IBM Z patents issued or in process and represents a collaboration with input from over 100 companies.

Key z15 features include:

  • Encryption everywhere Building upon pervasive encryption, IBM unveiled new Data Privacy Passports technology that clients can use to gain control over how data is stored and shared enabling the ability to protect and provision data and revoke access to that data at any time, not only within the z15 environment but across an enterprise's hybrid multicloud environment. z15 also can encrypt data everywhere across hybrid multicloud environments to help enterprises secure their data wherever it travels.
  • Cloud-native development Can give clients a competitive advantage by evolving how they modernise apps in place, build new cloud-native apps and securely integrate their most important workloads across clouds.
  • Instant Recovery An approach to limiting the cost and impact of planned and unplanned downtime, enabling users to access full system capacity for a period of time to accelerate shutdown and restart of IBM Z services and provide a temporary capacity boost to rapidly recover from lost time.

Rising importance of data privacy in doing business

A new IBM commissioned study conducted by The Harris Poll released found that 64% of all consumers in the US have opted not to work with a business out of concerns of whether they could keep their data secure.

However, that same study found 76% of respondents would be more willing to share personal information if there was a way to fully take back and retrieve that data at any time.

With z15, pervasive encryption is designed to extend across the enterprise enforcing data privacy by policy even when it leaves the IBM Z platform.

With this capability, clients can offer new services and features that give their consumers stronger control over how their personal data is used.

The next phase of digital transformation moving mission-critical work to the cloud

Businesses have reportedly already completed the first 20% of their cloud journey.

z15 is positioned to help companies take this next step in their digital transformation efforts to move mission critical workloads (the other 80%) to the cloud by delivering a hyper-secure, agile and continuously available platform.

Data-centric privacy controls

Data Privacy Passports is a consolidated data privacy solution that is engineered to extend clients ability to deliver privacy by not only protecting data on-premises at the infrastructure level, but allows clients to provision data rules to manage individual user access across private, public and hybrid cloud data at the data level.

Bringing cloud-native app development to IBM Z

Last month, IBM announced intent to deliver Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Z and LinuxONE.

This offering will accelerate the transformation to greater portability and agility through integrated tooling and a feature-rich ecosystem for cloud-native development on Linux on IBM Z and LinuxONE offerings.

Cloud developers can deploy z/OS applications on OpenShift with no special Z skills required.

In Q4, IBM also intends to deliver IBM Cloud Pak offerings to Linux on IBM Z and LinuxONE offerings.

These offerings are designed to accelerate the IBM software ecosystem that is necessary for enterprise clients to adopt hybrid multicloud deployment.

Mission-critical work done with no time lost

For both planned and unplanned downtime, Instant Recovery brings clients the ability to unlock the capabilities of z15, spinning up built-in cores to return to pre-shutdown SLAs, while catching up on business transactions up to 2.5x faster than previously possible.

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