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Report: Using UEBA to increase security analytics effectiveness

2018 headlines were rife with news of cybersecurity failures, and thus far it would seem 2019 is doing its best to outdo its predecessor.

The question is, why? SANS analyst and course author Dave Shackleford says the problem isn’t due to lack of attention or money, unfortunately.

The SANS survey stipulates that user actions like falling for phishing attacks represent the biggest cyber-threat for businesses.

To facilitate more effective cybersecurity, businesses need to accommodate larger data sets with more advanced analysis of the data.

To that end, Shackleford has performed an independent review of LogRhythm Cloud AI, a platform built right into the LogRhythm console that provides user-focused behavioural analysis to significantly enhance traditional event management and security analytics toolsets.

This enables analysts to perform more intelligent monitoring and response related to user events.

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