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How Infoblox bolstered City University’s network security

City University identified a need to protect its devices and sensitive data when it experienced a potentially damaging and expensive ransomware attack on its network. An administrative assistant went to a seemingly legitimate educational website and downloaded a PDF that, unbeknownst to her, was infected with ransomware.

The ransomware easily bypassed the school’s antivirus software. The planted code went to the assistant’s map drive where the assistant had read/write access; she used her permissions to copy the files, encrypt them, and delete the originals.

After recovering from this ransomware attack, City University began to work with Infoblox to bring its network security to the next level. The solution it chose enabled the university to protect its devices, users, and data worldwide with a more elastic, subscription-based means for automated monitoring and reporting of malware and other malicious activity on its network.

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