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Check Point launches hyperscale network security solution

23 Jan 2019

Check Point has introduced Check Point Maestro, a hyperscale network security solution. 

Check Point Maestro enables businesses of any size to enjoy flexible cloud-level security platforms, and to expand their existing security gateways to hyperscale capacity.

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) senior principal analyst Jon Oltsik says, “Today’s threat landscape is evolving at a rapid rate. That means businesses must turn to agile cybersecurity platforms that can scale very quickly.”

“Check Point’s solutions continue to evolve in order to meet the needs of enterprises, with capabilities to combat zero-day attacks while limiting disruption to day-to-day business practices.”

With Check Point Maestro, organisations can scale up their existing Check Point security gateways on demand, in the same way as spinning up new servers and compute resources in public clouds. 

Maestro enables a single gateway to expand to the capacity and performance of 52 gateways in minutes, giving companies elastic flexibility and enabling massive Terabit/second firewall throughput.

This scalability enables organisations to support 5G networks’ high data rates and ultra-low latency, and secure the largest, most resource-hungry environments, setting new standards in hyperscale network security.

“Check Point Maestro extends the Gen V security capabilities of our Infinity architecture into hyperscale environments. 

Check Point product management VP Itai Greenberg says, “It ensures organisations can secure their dynamic, evolving environments without limits, now and in the future.”

“The principle behind Maestro is simple:  it enables organisations to start with their existing security implementations, no matter how small, and scale their protection according to their changing business needs.”

Check Point Maestro delivers new capabilities:

  • Hyperscale security:  customers can scale up their existing gateways of any size on-demand, to support over 50 times their original throughput within minutes.  It gives seamless expansion to hyperscale security, while protecting organisations’ existing investments.
  • Cloud-level resiliency:  Maestro is a unified security system that can offer cloud-level resilience and reliability to all organisations’ deployments, with Check Point’s HyperSync giving telco-grade clustering and full redundancy.
  • Operational efficiency: It is managed intuitively by Maestro Security Orchestrator, which controls all of an organisation’s gateways as one unified security system, minimising management overhead.

New 6500 and 6800 security gateways

The new 6500 and 6800 security appliances set new standards of protection against fifth-generation threats targeting mid-size and larger enterprise networks, while offering scalability.  

Combining Check Point’s Threat Prevention suite with SandBlast Zero-Day protection, with purpose-built hardware, the 6500 and 6800 gateways deliver the power to inspect SSL-encrypted network traffic without compromising on performance or uptime.

The 6500 gives 20Gbps raw firewall bandwidth, and 3.4Gbps of threat prevention output. 

The 6800 gives 42Gbps raw firewall bandwidth and 9Gbps threat prevention output. They support connectivity up to 40GbE and feature SSD and Dual SSD storage options in a 1U chassis. 

“The new 6000 series gateways consolidate threat prevention, emulation, and extraction into a platform,” says Greenberg

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